About the Katy Trail

The Katy Trail is a privately-maintained public park that extends 3.5 miles from SMU at its north end to the American Airlines Center in the south.  As a linear park, it features a 12-foot-wide concrete trail and an 8-foot-wide soft-surface running path, with more than a dozen public entrances and plazas linking the Trail to other area parks, turning the 30-acre Katy Trail into 125 acres of contiguous parkland in the heart of Dallas.

The Friends of the Katy Trail, the nonprofit organization that supports and improves the Trail, needs you to become a “Friend” of the Katy Trail.  As a friend, you’re invited to exclusive member events and receive quarterly newsletters with updates about the Trail.  With your donation, we can continue to keep the Katy Trail clean, safe and beautiful.  If you’re already a Friend but have friends who are not, please ask them to join today.  Together we can make the Katy Trail a great American park.  For information on how you can support the Katy Trail, please call 214-303-1180 or visit www.KatyTrailDallas.org.

9 thoughts on “About the Katy Trail

  1. We love the Katy Trail and are saddened by the fact that there have been some recent attacks, assaults and robberies upon people using the trail. Everyone must realize that the Dallas Police are doing what they can to protect people on the Katy Trail but they simply do not have the resources to assign dozens of officers solely to patrol the trail system 7 days per week – 24 hours per day.

    We sell personal self defense products that are all legal to carry and use in Texas to protect yourself. Stun guns – taser guns – pepper spray – mace – joggers pepper spray – walking weights with pepper spray – and several other products that can save your life!

    Don’t become a victim of the Katy Trail – stand up for yourself and protect yourself or another in need.

    Call us at 214-793-1155 wih any questions.

  2. I wanted to bike ride on this trail but was wondering if I am allowed to park in that parking lot on Houston and Victory ave W? If not where can I park, I live in Grand Prairie and would have to drive to this trail.

  3. I’m visiting for my daughter’s sports competition in early March. Two years ago, during this same competition, I rode the Trinity River Trails & chronicled it on Trailsnet.com. I’m wondering if the Katy Trail is only 3.5 miles, if it’s worth planning into my trip schedule or if I should head up to Denton for some longer trails? Any input.
    P.S. – Does the Katy Trail run anywhere near the Convention Center.
    PPS – I tried getting on the katytraildallas.org site, & it doesn’t seem to be up & running. After waiting five minutes for it to load, I gave up.

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  6. my friend took me once to katy trail. I love the place. I’m trying to go again but it’s impossible to find a parking. it seems there are no parkings at all.
    are there any parkings I can go to? I’m not from Dallas I will appreciate your help guys.

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